Golf Courses

BunkerstampTM has many uses that include:
Display of your logo to assist in strengthening brand awareness
Delivery of a thank you message to your golfers for their patronage
Sending a holiday greeting or any other unique message to your golfers
New revenue opportunities i.e. selling impressions to partners and/or local businesses
Resale to golf tournament customers to help them generate additional income


Golf Tournaments

BunkerstampTM provides a very unique way to deliver a message to your golfers at your next tournament. Much more than just a creative new sponsorship idea, it is a powerful tool to promote your sponsors across the entire golf course. Leave an impression in as many sand bunkers as you want. And because installation is so quick and easy, BunkerstampTM offers great flexibility - a logo damaged by an errant shot or heavy rain shower can be repaired in a matter of minutes.

​How to sell BunkerstampTM to your sponsors!                               

To maximize revenue, simply add the cost of the BunkerstampTM to the price that you establish for the sponsorship, but allow your sponsor to take ownership of the stamp. It becomes a win-win scenario as your event will not incur costs against the sponsorship revenue. Your sponsor will now possess a great promotional tool with which to take advantage of future golf course marketing opportunities, such as their own golf tournament or others that they may sponsor. And chances become quite high that they will remain committed to being a sand sponsor of your event in the years to come.
Please let us know if there is any other way that we may be able to assist you in selling a sand sponsorship.


Note that we offer a re-seller program for golf courses or other distributors interested to re-sell our product. Please contact us toll free or by email for more information.

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