What is the material used to manufacture a Bunkerstamp?
A Bunkerstamp is manufactured with a polymer rubber substance.

What size Bunkerstamp should I order?
It all depends on the impression that you want to leave as well as the budget that you wish to allocate. From close range it will be noticed at any size. To be seen from a distance, a larger stamp may be best suited. That said, the bigger the impression you create, the bigger the impression you will leave.

How long does it take to make an impression?
It takes under 5 minutes to create an impression once you are at the bunker.

What bunkers are recommended for making Bunkerstamp impressions?
We prefer to create the impressions at greenside bunkers where golfers are expected to walk past the bunker on their way to putt.

How can you make an impression if the sand is dry?
It is very important to moisten the surface well if the sand is dry (no need to soak). This can most easily and best be done with a garden sprayer or similar device.

Will a Bunkerstamp impression last all day?
Yes, the sand is packed tight enough that under normal weather conditions you will experience very little deterioration to the impression during the course of a day.

What is the weight of a Bunkerstamp and how many individuals are required to create an impression?
A Bunkerstamp will weigh anywhere between 15 and 45 pounds and come in a variety of shapes. As a general rule, a 6 or 9 square foot impression can be created by one individual. It is recommended that two people are involved to create a larger impression i.e. 12 or 16 square feet.

How long will the rubber mould last?
With normal use and storage the rubber mould should last indefinitely.

Where are Bunkerstamps manufactured?
All Bunkerstamps are made in the USA.

When can I expect delivery after placing an order?
Production time for the rubber mould is approximately one week after artwork approval. Shipping time is normally one week or less.

Is a Bunkerstamp guaranteed?
Yes. The product is guaranteed from manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months.