One of the very important features of Bunkerstamp is the ease of installation. It takes only minutes to create the masterpiece that is your logo and/or message. One person alone is capable of installation for most sizes however two people are required for the two largest sizes. And the only tools required are a small handheld/garden sprayer and a bunker rake. 

If you do require installation however, we are pleased to offer that service in our two local regions… Montreal and Kelowna. Pricing is below.

Bunkerstamp Imprinting Tips 

Keep your Bunkerstamp dry. You will find that wet sand likes to cling at times to stamps that are wet. Although a stamp will imprint when it is damp, the sand may stick to it if wet when lifting out of the sand. Be sure to wipe the stamp clean after each use. We recommend using a nylon bristle brush for quick cleaning. 
Bunkerstamping smoothed over sand leaves the best imprint. Simply rake the area smooth where you plan to place the stamp or turn the stamp upside down and drag it across an area at an angle until you smooth out the area where you plan to imprint.  
Bunkerstamp will work in all types of sand. Some bunkers contain fine sand while others contain sand that is more coarse. Bunkerstamp works well with either. You should take water with you (we recommend a garden sprayer) to create the ideal sand moisture consistency in the area where you are imprinting (Step 1). The proper sand/moisture balance will become evident as you learn to create sharp, crisp looking imprints. 

Bunkerstamping is easy but it might take a little practice to get the perfect imprint. Be sure to lower the stamp straight down on the sand slowly to avoid marring the spot you want to imprint (Step 2). Press the stamp into the sand by stepping on the Bunkerstamp, and using your body weight… walk around on the complete stamp (Step 3). Distribute your weight evenly over the complete area forcing the face of the Bunkerstamp into the sand. Then simply grasp the handles and lift straight up very slowly (Step 4). Rake your footprints out of the area where you have been working and you are done. It’s that simple.  
Bunkerstamps often stand out best when they are placed on the slope of a bunker that faces the golfers as they approach or depart a green. Using the same instructions as above are appropriate but you will need to insure that the stamp does not slide downward as you shuffle on it. Using one foot with an upward stepping motion may be more appropriate or having a second person available to prevent the stamp from drifting may be an alternative. 
After a couple of imprints you will learn that imprinting is quick and easy. 
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