BunkerstampTM is the ‘coolest’ and most innovative branding tool ever seen on a golf course, geared specifically to golf courses, golf tournaments, or any company who would like to target golfers. Cool is the word used time and again by the golf industry to describe our product. Not only can BunkerstampTM be used to bolster a brand name, it can also be used to deliver any desired message.

Quite simply, a BunkerstampTM is a heavy rubber mould that when placed in a sand bunker, will leave a crisp image behind... all in a matter of minutes.

BunkerstampTM is proudly made in Canada

How does it work?

• Place the specially created rubber mould in a sand bunker
• Step on the mould to apply the pressure needed to create the impression
• Lift the mould and you have a perfect image left for golfers to view
• Simple as that... and BunkerstampTM can be used year after year
Note that a BunkerstampTM can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. These include square, rectangular, circular, and oval shapes.

Delivery time is generally 2-3 weeks but a quicker turnaround is often possible when required.

*All pricing includes shipping… and brokerage fees where applicable.

BunkerstampTM Testimonial:

"I just want to say how pleased I am with your product! It has really added to the presentation of our bunkers, and will help get the message across. Thank you so much!"
Glenn Landgraf, Ocean Breeze Golf & CC (Boca Raton, FL)

It’s time for your golf course, golf tournament or company to add the “cool” factor.
Isn’t it time for your golf course, golf tournament or company to adopt the “cool” factor.

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