Golf Passport

Raise more money at your next golf tournament…Guaranteed!

Something unique…Something fun…and risk free!

The SMG Golf Passport is a fundraising tool that utilizes our unique golf game scratch card to assist in raising additional funds through your tournament participants.

The SMG Golf Passport combines a fun scratch golf game with all the items that often get sold separately (i.e. mulligan, beat the pro, putting contests etc.) into one value packed offering that is sold to golfers during registration. Thus only one donation is requested during the day.

Why one donation?
Because your golfers do not want to be solicited time and again while trying to enjoy a round of golf. They will be happy to make a single donation and just enjoy their day.

PLUS... You will make more money because you are offering great value in addition to the contests and activities included.

Are you convinced yet that we can help you raise more money at your next golf tournament… guaranteed!

If not, here is the best part. We include all of the following:

Low scratcher prize (2 options)

  • A golf foursome at ElmRidge Country Club
  • x
  • $1000 Grand prize putting contest
  • $10 off at Nevada Bobs certificate for each golfer
And now for the grand finale:
Each card including all of this great value will cost only $7.50* each, and we will take back any unsold cards, therefore alleviating the risk to your event.
*Note that pricing is based on a minimum of 100 cards purchased.

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