It is no secret that sponsors are the key to the success of any golf tournament. You require a golf course and golfers to be able to hold a golf tournament, however you need sponsors in order to raise a healthy profit.

One of our focal points at SMG Golf is to assist your tournament with fund-raising solutions. We have developed numerous products to enhance and maximize sponsor visibility, and would like to discuss with you how these unique opportunities can benefit your sponsors.

The on course visibility that our products provide are a sure bet to grab the attention of your sponsors, and to their benefit... your golfers. Your event will benefit from a greater overall appeal being established, and the resulting increased likelihood that your sponsors will return to support your event year after year.

Beyond the particular special products that we offer, SMG Golf can provide everything required for your next tournament.

  • Coroplast signs
  • Banners
  • Pin flags
  • Table signs

and more!

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