Range Trac

Formerly known as Range Tape, our Range•Trac is made from a breathable mesh material, and provides impressive visibility across the entire length of the driving range. A great product for tournaments to use for sponsor recogniiton. A great tool for golf courses to use for selfpromotion or to sell advertising opportunities. 

Use RangeTrac to:

Display your logo to strengthen brand awareness
Promote other course activities or special offers
Create an advertising opportunity
Re-sell to golf tournaments 

What are the RangeTrac features?

Standard sizes – choice of (50 feet X 3 inches) or (50 feet X 6 inches)
Mesh allows the turf below to breathe
High definition quality images
Easy to install and move each day 
Available in 50 foot lengths and widths of either 3 inches or 6 inches. 

Net Pricing USD (effective January 1,  2018)

6 inches wide X 50 feet: $325*
3 inches wide X 50 feet: $200*
*bookerage fees included

Net Pricing CDN (effective January 1,  2018)

6 inches wide X 50 feet: $300
3 inches wide X 50 feet: $175

Alternatively, sign up your golf course and allow us to deliver the advertising revenues directly to you. Call us for all the details concerning the RangeTrac National Advertising Program. 

Order your Range•Trac at:
Email: info@smggolf.ca
Phone: (514) 634-0043 
Toll free: (888) 599-3377